These short snippets are written by Sue Hughes from Plymouth, Michigan.

Sue Hughes is a Level III Centered Riding Instructor, USEF Licensed Judge in Western Dressage, Dressage and Eventing, Life Member CHA, Region 2 Director USDF, Retired Clinic Instructor for Certified Horsemanship Association, has participated in Dressage through Prix St. George and is an USDF “Distinguished Member”.

Sue has a lifetime of experience working with both horses and riders and she is also the WDAMI Vice President and a respected judge and clinician. Thank you, Sue, for your contributions to the wellness of horses.

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Enjoy and Learn!!

Sue’s Snippets:  Short Articles About the Mechanics of Western Dressage

Snippet 1:  Essential Ligaments

Snippet 2:  Hollowness and Straightness

Snippet 3:  Correct Bend on the Circle

Snippet 4:  See the Bend from the Top

Snippet 5:  When Spines Meet

Snippet 6:  Cracking the Half Halt Code

Snippet 7:  Engaged

Snippet 8:  What To Do With the Reins? 

Snippet 9:  Transitions Between the Gaits

Snippet 10:  Transitions Within the Gaits

Snippet 11:  Intro to the 4 Kinds of Half Halts

Snippet 12:  Building Blocks

Snippet 13:  The Importance of Counting

Snippet 14:  Three Words-Contact, Connection, Collection

Snippet 15:  Throughness

Snippet 16:  Help!  How Do I Get My Horse to First Level

Snippet 17:  Circles and How to Solve Their Mysteries for Dressage

Snippet 18:  How the Horses Rhythm Affects Its Balance

Snippet 19:  How Horses Turn Themselves

Snippet 20:  What’s All The Fuss About The Outside Rein?

Snippet 21:  What Does Ring Geometry Teach Us