There is much to learn as you begin to ride western dressage tests.  It’s important to know what is expected of you and your horse.  You can access the Western Dressage Association® of America Rules and Guidelines by clicking on the link below:

Western Dressage Rules & Guidelines (

On that page, there are subtitles that include a wealth of information.







• 2017 Michigan Medal Tests
Written by instructor, Sue Hughes and her student, Tammi Brandon, both enjoyed writing these tests and hope they are useful in learning more.
Note: Michigan Medals Tests do NOT count toward year end awards at the state or national level at this time. They are not affiliated with USEF, USDF, or WDAA.  They may be ridden as Test of Choice. Each test level consists of two pages.  Please take care in downloading and running off the tests to make sure you have the correct pages.         

Michigan Medals Test 2017   Intro page 1
Michigan Medals Test 2017    Intro page 2
Michigan Medals Test 2017    Basic  page 1
Michigan Medals Test 2017    Basic  page 2
Michigan Medals Test 2017     Level 1  page 1
Michigan Medals Test 2017     Level 1 page 2