WDAMI offers awards at every level in Western Dressage. This is a huge benefit of becoming a member of the WDAMI.  Beautiful, usable items, ribbons, and silver belt buckles;  you want to participate in this program! WDAMI presents awards at its annual membership banquet.

Keep your test scores, make copies of front and back pages, and follow the PROGRAM RULES to be eligible for WDAMI Year End Awards. Print the RIDER REPORT FORM to keep track of your scores.

You can click this link for printable PROGRAM RULES or read below for details:



Board Approved March 2, 2107.     Effective March 3, 2017.

Champion and Reserve Champion at each Level and in each division noted below will receive a certificate and ribbon.  All placings from 1st to 6th will receive a certificate of placing. The following Level/Divisions are available:

Intro – Open, Adult Amateur, Junior
Basic – Open, Adult Amateur, Junior
Level One – Open, Adult Amateur, Junior
Level Two – Open, Adult Amateur, Junior
Level Three – Open, Adult Amateur, Junior

Eligible Competitors

  • Riders must be members in good standing with both WDAMI and WDAA at the time the scores are earned. Membership must be received prior to earning scores which will be used for Year-end Awards
  • Membership is effective the day the correct application and payment is received.


Open – Open to all members.  There is no age restriction.

Adult Amateur – Members are eligible as Adult Amateurs beginning with the competition year in which they turn 18 years of age provided they are not involved in activities cited in USEF Rule GR1306 which would render them to be professionals.

Junior – Individuals are eligible as Juniors until the end of the competition year (ends on Oct. 31) in which they reach the age of 18 (USEF WD102.3a). If the rider’s birthday is November 1, assume the greater year. Please provide WDAMI date of birth (DOB) on membership & on Rider Report Form.

Note – Adult Amateur and Junior divisions are separate divisions and are mutually exclusive.  There can be no crossover between the two.

Eligible Shows

Scores may be from any schooling show held in Michigan which is open to all riders and horse breeds.  Scores from recognized USEF/WD shows may not be used for awards or certificates.  Closed breed shows are not eligible.


All tests must be current USEF/WD tests.  Tests may be found on the WDAA or USEF websites.  Tests shall be ridden per WDAA & USEF rules.

Only two consecutive levels for one horse/rider combination will be awarded in a competition year.  Each test score can only be used once toward a division championship. 

 Show Year

The show year for WDAMI awards will be November 1 through October 31. Awards will be presented at an Awards Banquet or mailed to the recipient no later than January following the end of the show season.

Qualification Requirements

  • Rider must be a WDAMI and WDAA member in good standing at the time the scores are earned
  • Awards are given on an individual horse/rider basis. A rider may submit scores from tests ridden on more than one horse, however, each horse/rider combination must individually meet all award requirements and be submitted on separate Rider Report Forms.
  • Awards can only be earned at two (2) consecutive levels with an award year

Scores must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be from a schooling show held in Michigan that is open to all breeds of horses. Recognized competition show scores may not be used for schooling show year-end awards and certificates.
  • Scores on each Rider Report Form must come from one rider/horse combination.
  • Five scores must be submitted coming from at least 3 different judges and from at least 3 different shows.
  • One of the five scores submitted must come from the highest test of the level (Test 4).
  • Scores must come from judges who are USDF “L-grad” or USEF “r”, “R”, “S” or FEI judge or a USEF Western Dressage “r” or “R” judge.
  • Hors De Concours ride scores will not count towards year end awards or certificates.

Rider Report Forms

  • Will be available for printing from the WDAMI website: www.wdami.org.
  • Must be submitted along with all required information using snail mail and postmarked prior to November 15, to the name and address stated on the Rider Report Form.
  • Must include copies of WDAMI and WDAA membership cards
  • Must include copies of the front and back of the tests and make sure judge’s name and signature are included on the test.
  • Separate forms are required for each rider/horse combination and for each level/division.
  • Separate forms for awards are required for Year End Schooling Show Championship, Freestyle, Gaited, Pony, Mule, and Highest Percentage Individual Ride Award

WDAMI is not responsible for incorrect forms or show results. Incorrect forms may not be considered. 



WDAMI WD Highest Percentage Individual Ride Award

Open to all divisions, breeds, and levels.  The highest percentage individual score from each test (1 through 4) at each level (Introductory through Level 3) will be awarded a ribbon. Even if you do not have enough scores for other WDAMI Awards, you may qualify for this award.  Complete a Rider Report Form and submit a copy of the front and back of your test.

WDAMI WD Freestyle Challenge Year End Championship

This award is open to all and combines pony, mule, horse and gaited horse into one championship. A champion and reserve champion will be awarded at each level and in each division with the champion and reserve receiving a ribbon and a certificate of placing.  Placings of 3rd through 6th will receive a certificate.  Three scores are required. Submit a Rider Report Form marked “Freestyle” and include copies of 3 tests.

Specific Awards for Gaited Horses, Pony and Mule

Year End Schooling Show Awards will be separately awarded for Gaited horses, Pony, and Mule. The award guidelines for each follow that of the Schooling Show Awards with regard to divisions, eligibility, shows, show year and awards process.  Rider Report Forms must identify the breed specific award being applied for (Gaited, Pony, Mule). Gaited ponies will be included in Gaited horses. Ponies must not exceed 14.2 hands (USEF GR143) and a copy of breed papers or a Coggins test with height stated can serve as proof of height.

Computation of Year End Award Championships

Championships are calculated by taking an average of the scores submitted. Ties for champions and reserve champion will not be broken.  For placings 3rd – 6th there will be no ties; ties will be broken by removing the lowest score and re-averaging.  In the event that all scores are identical, the ties will be maintained.

Achievement Certificates

The following Achievement Certificates may be awarded:

  • WDAMI Achievement Certificate
  • Para-Equestrian Achievement Certificate
  • Rescue Horse Certificate of Honor. Proof of adoption must be submitted with the Rider Report Form and may be in the form of a copy of the adoption papers, adoption certificate or something similar.

The requirements for all horse/rider combinations (including gaited horses, pony, and mule) are:

  • Three (3) scores of 55% or highest in their declared level/division.
  • Scores must meet all the requirements stated under Schooling Show Qualification Requirements except only 3 scores are required
  • Scores must be from three different judges and from three different schooling shows.
  • One (1) of the scores must be from the highest test of the level.

WDAMI follows USEF & WDAA rules as guidelines and reserves the right to base decisions on disputes accordingly.  WDAMI also reserves the right to have board vote prevail in matters concerning its awards process, awards decisions, membership, rules, and any other decision regarding WDAMI.

WDAMI awards may be changed by board vote during the show year to enhance the program. Awards are reviewed and updated at the end of the show year.  Updates will be posted on the Western Dressage Association® of Michigan website:  www.wdami.org.

WDAMI supports the use of tested and approved (ASTM/SEI) helmets. The decision to not use an approved helmet is solely the responsibility of the individuals in the event which they decide to participate.

To honor the horse, WDAMI recommends a three ride per day per horse limit.  The USEF/WD rule language with respect to the daily ride (WD 102.2) is as follows: “ A Horse/Rider combination may enter no more than two consecutive levels, Freestyle levels included, at any one competition. Suitability, Hack and Equitation are excluded from the maximum limit of rides per day and horses in these classes may compete at any level for which they are otherwise eligible during the same competition. No horse may be ridden more than once in any Western Dressage class (including separate divisions or sections of the same class number). Horses cannot be ridden by more than two riders. Shows may further limit number of rides per horse and level if stated in their prize list. If there is a conflict with breed division rules regarding WD102.2, the breed division rules will govern.”  WDAMI appreciates your support of the recommendation.